The Beginning of Summer Festival

Chengjiang’s traditional folk festival begins in summer and lasts five days. It is held north of Fuxian Lake. Learn folk traditions. Watch Yunnan opera. Take snapshots of dragon dances.


The Start-Fishing Festival

Join in the longest-running fishing festival on Christmas Day at Jiangchaun. Find out why they call Yuxi a highland pearl. Learn more about Yunnan culture. Known as the centre of Ancient Dian Kingdom, find out why they call it a water town plateau. Discover why it is known also as “The Land of Tobacco” and a place of honey and milk. Admire bronze culture and natural views.


Rice Noodle Festival

Join the world’s longest festival as recorded by Guinness World Records. This 81-day festival runs from January 1 to March 22 each year. Eat from more than 30 rice noodle brand stalls including stewed pork, eel, pork joint and marinated rice noodles.