Tinh túy của Angsana - Sánh đôi

Couples can look forward to quality time together with this indulgent choice. The ladies will be pampered with a 60-minute body massage followed by a 30-minute face massage and 60-minute refreshing body treats for perking up the senses. Men will be pampered with a 90-minute Angsana body massage followed by a 30-minute face massage and a 30-minute jasmine frangipani body polish.


Angsana for Her – Top to Toe

Specially created to target the needs of ladies, this treatment promises to revitalise your entire body with a combination of Angsana Spa’s signature therapies. Begin with a 60-minute prelude of body treats to pamper the body from top to toe, followed by a 60-minute body massage and a 60-minute facial.


Angsana for Him – Ayurvedic Voyage

Specially tailored for men, this treatment promises to reduce muscle tension and harmonise your body system with traditional treatments of Indian origin. Begin with a relaxing 30-minute back massage, followed by a 30-minute Indian head massage and a 30-minute Shirodhara, setting you into a state of deep relaxation.