Tinh túy của Angsana - Sánh đôi

Step into the specially-designed couple treatment room and indulge in some quality time for two. Ladies will enjoy a 30-minute flower petal body polish, freshly blended before treatment, followed by a 90-minute Angsana massage and a 30-minute face refresher. Men will enjoy a 30-minute jasmine frangipani body polish, followed by a 90-minute Fusion massage before ending with a 30-minute face refresher.


Tinh túy của Angsana - Sánh đôi

Refresh your entire body from inside out with a spa treatment dedicated to making your being thrum with ease. First, begin with a choice of a 15-minute sauna or herbal steam, followed by a 30-minute body polish, then a 60-minute body massage before rounding off with a 15-minute fusion bath. This treatment is the ideal pick-me-up for your weary body.


Essence of Angsana – Rainmist Indulgence

The Rainmist experience is a signature at the Banyan Tree and Angsana Spas. Begin with a 10-minute Rainmist, then enjoy a 20-minute orange honey body polish, freshly and perfectly blended for you. Following that, your therapist will smooth a pumpkin rice body conditioner onto your skin for 20 minutes while you enjoy an invigorating steam bath. Have a 10-minute rain shower before finishing off the relaxing experience with a 60-minute body massage.


Angsana for the Family – Family Bonding

Engage in a unique bonding experience with this treat for the family. Mums or Dads can enjoy a 30-minute body polish followed by a 60-minute body massage, while the kids can enjoy a 30-minute body polish followed by a 45-minute body conditioning massage before finishing off with a sweet-smelling 15-minute vanilla milk bath. Enjoy this special way of spending family time while holidaying on a sunny palm-fringed island in the Andaman.