5 Eco-lessons To Learn On Your Holiday

A holiday is a great time to try something new. Use your next getaway to get ready to change the way the family eats, travels and looks at the environment.


Don’t judge animals on looks

It’s an unfortunate fact that many animals targeted for conservation are the cute ones – often mammals with big eyes and soft fur, like pandas and tigers. But “less attractive” species are just as important to their environment.

Take vultures, which are rarely praised for their cuteness. But they play a very important role in the ecosystem, by disposing of carrion that would otherwise be a breeding ground for disease. Wander the majestic Atlas Mountains near Angsana Riads Collection Morocco, and you might spot Bearded Vultures hovering the thermals.


Learn to love the ocean

A BlueMind Summit in 2011 highlighted mankind’s connection to the ocean, and its effects on us. And it’s no wonder as neuroscientist Philippe Goldin, claims, all life began there. “There’s no lack of clarity that we came from the ocean,” he said. “Seventy percent of my body is saltwater. My brain is bathed in saltwater.

Get back to nature below the crystal clear turquoise waves at Angsana Ihuru in Maldives, where staff will point out the incredible biodiversity. Meanwhile, help strengthen that biodiversity by joining in coral conservation activities.


Listen to the waves

As anyone who has ever tickled his toes with sand and listened to the water will tell you, the sound of the ocean has a tremendous effect on us. Its regular wave pattern calms us, and the whoosh of water is said to bring up feelings of relaxation and tranquillity. Lie on the powdery sands and unwind to the lilting sounds of the waves – or take to the sea and have the water literally lap at your ears as you wakeboard at Angsana Bintan.


Eat veggies and save the planet

It takes a lot of resources to feed and raise cattle. In fact, meat production contributes to nearly a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions. Globally we’re being urged to give up meat or go without for one day a week, to make a difference.

Luckily Meatless Mondays are a joy at Angsana Balaclava Mauritius where even the hungriest carnivores will enjoy the delicious vegetarian selection.


Get on your bike

We’re guessing that in daily life, travelling by car is the name of the game, and you spend much of the day cramped up against an office desk while your kids spend most of the day sitting at school. A holiday is a chance to recharge and stretch your legs – literally.

And what better way to do that, than explore a city by bicycle? Whether you’re navigating the ancient Vietnamese city of Hue, near Angsana Lang Co, or joining the weekly island tours at Angsana Laguna Phuket, you’ll see that pedal power makes you feel like a kid again – in the most eco-friendly way possible.