Hot Springs

The tropical highland climate and natural volcanism of the land has made Tengchong, an oasis rich with geothermal resources,  with hot springs as a centrepiece of the resort.

There are many ways to enjoy the variety of over 43 outdoor mineral-based pools and hot springs in Angsana Tengchong ⋅ Hot Spring Village.  Meander through the aromatic corridors and walk out to a series of hot spring pools with various themes based on herbs and teas that are known for their therapeutic qualities.

Choose from a selection of Aromatic Pools, or savour the privacy of Romance Pools, alongside unique aqua Jade Pools. If nature lovers, there are the Nature Pools. To complete the journey, there are also many Special Function Pools to wrap up this truly once in a lifetime experience.

Famed for its geothermal pools, numerous hot spring pools with various themes adorn this village.

VIP Changing Room

Guests have the privilege of an exclusive private room decked out with toiletries and towels whilst changing.

Hot Stone Loungers

Made from volcanic stone which releases beneficial minerals that can help improve sleep patterns,  enjoy a relaxing moment lying on the hot stone loungers . The Hot Stone loungers will also help those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and muscle strain seeking relief.

Private Cabanas

Beautifully designed cabanas are available for rent to soak in the serene outdoor environment in private. Throw in a back scrub and lie on a hot bed for utter bliss. The big cabana is suitable for up to ten people, and comes with two treatment rooms, relaxation room, indoor/outdoor hot spring pools, TV room and even a mahjong room. Each of the six small cabanas carves out a cosy relaxation area, treatment room and an outdoor hot spring pool.

Special Function Pools

There are many special function pools to elevate the level of relaxation to the divine. Making use of nanotechnology, the Nano Pool helps to detoxify your body using advanced science. Rejuvenate your senses at the Splash Pool, Whirl Pool or Bubble Pool. Each pool provides a different sensation to revitalise the body and recuperate the mind. The Foot Reflexology Pool is specially designed to target your feet’s acupuncture points,  relieving the aches in the feet, providing you with a relaxingfoot massage. The little ones can enjoy themselves at the Kids Pool which comes with a variety of child-friendly water props designed for their entertainment.

Nature / Forest Pools

For guests who enjoy basking in the comforts of nature, these pools are specially created for your relaxation. Let the bustling city life slip away and be charmed by lush greenery and the sounds of chirping birds whilst soaking in the hot springs .

Jade Pools

As one of the natural resources of Tengchong , Jade is a valued natural resources in Tengchong Country   Angsana Tengchong Hot Spring Village presents a series of unique Jade Pools, built from a composition of jade and other exquisite stones

Romance Pools

Ideal for that romantic and intimate getaway, the Romance Pools are specially designed for privacy allowing couples to enjoy a moment of bliss in seclusion.

Main Pools

The main pools are suitable for groups to enjoy the hot spring experience together. Located next to the performance stage, the large family pool allows you to relax in the hot spring while being entertained. A resting platform is situated within this area for you to take a break from the fun,  leaving your worries behind.

Aromatic Pools

Perfect for refreshing the mind and rejuvenating the body, Aromatic Pools are scented with flowers and aromatic teas to enhance the natural properties of the spring water. There are eight aromatic pools to choose from and the pools vary according to the seasons and Angsana’s aromatic scents.

The romance of design

Angsana Tengchong ⋅ Hot Spring Village, which blends contemporary decor with rustic charm, is ideally located within a short distance from major attractions. Guest can choose to pack their holiday with activities, or simply relax in one of the resort’s many hot springs.