Angsana Tengchong ⋅ Hot Spring Village is located in the Mayugu Valley, approximately 15km from Tengchong city and only a 30-minutes scenic drive from Tengchong Airport. At Tengchong city, you can do some shopping, take in cultural sights and visit local diners.

There are several key attractions located within 15 minutes of the resort, such as Tengchong Marshlands and Die Shui River Waterfalls.  Along with the hot springs, the geothermal activities in the region gave birth to the biggest volcanic mountains in China. The Tengchong Volcano National Geology Park provides guests the best opportunity to enjoy this volcanic wonder.

For a spiritual experience, Yun Feng Mountain is an inviting attraction about an hour’s journey away. Considered to be holy, the mountain is visited by many pilgrims each year. ‘Yun Feng’ was derived from three of its sharp and straight peaks pointing to the sky. Since ancient times, the mountain is a popular location for people to pray to the gods, observe the majestic scenery and enjoy nature.  From the top, visitors can savour panoramic views of the landscape.

Your search for a dream hot spring vacation ends here. A stay at the Angsana Tengchong ⋅ Hot Spring Village is more than just your typical vacation – it is an experience to be remembered for life.

Limousine services can be arranged to bring guests to and from the resort.

Itinerary Arrangements
The hotel can assist guests in making arrangements for various tours to nearby tourist sites.

Tengchong has a tropical highland climate with mild temperatures throughout the year, making it a choice destination for all seasons.

Time Zone
GMT+8, same as Beijing.

Voltage Requirement
220V, two flat-pin plug.

Chinese is the official language, with English gradually becoming popular.

Renminbi is the currency in circulation. The resort accepts major foreign currencies and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

Insider Tips

Part of Tengchong's heritage comes from being an outpost that has historically connected China with Burma. Another part of its character comes from the mountains, volcanoes and hot springs that surround the city.

A trip to Tengchong is never complete without savouring its local dishes. The region is blessed with agriculture abundance and biodiversity which provide a unique food experience. One of Tengchong's best-known dishes is Dajiujia. Dajiujia are large pieces of pancake stir-fried with pork, greens, tomatoes and chili peppers. It is typically served with a spicy soup that is quite an experience for your taste buds - a must-try.

Given its proximity to Burma, Tengchong has become a major processing center for jadeite, one of the two naturally occurring minerals commonly referred to as jade. Not surprisingly, you will find an abundance of shops and hawkers selling jade jewelry and carvings.

Among the many important discoveries by ancient China is paper, and Tengchong has a reputation for producing one of the finest handmade paper available. Xuanzhi as it is known has been used for Chinese paintings and calligraphy for centuries by scholars and artists.

Another popular item for souvenir hunters would be Tengchong oiled-paper umbrellas. Made from natural materials like bamboo and a special kind of paper derived from the bark of the mulberry tree, it is an exquisite gift for friends and family back home. The umbrella maker will adorn the umbrella with colorful flowers or other traditional designs of your choice, making it an even more appealing gift from the heart.

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