Angsana Riads Collection Morocco consists of six heritage riads in the precincts of Old Medina.

Resort Background
Our riads create an aristocratic ambience with a central courtyard, spacious rooms, hammam, a fireplace, and private roof terraces. The heritage riads have ‘zellig’ (ceramic art) tiles, 'gabbs' (picked honey comb plaster work) and 'tagguebasts' (cornices of sculpted plaster) that have been carefully restored by local artisans.

Our suites are adorned by ‘tadelakt’, a Moroccan plastering technique, and have local antiques, hand-woven carpets, and contemporary artifacts and textiles.

Each riad is approximately 2 minutes away from each other, except Angsana Riad Lydines which is a 20-minute walk within the Kasbah district. You can access the facilities of all our riads, such as the garden courtyards, spa, hammam and the pools.

Resort Background

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