The Medina’s Best Shopping Destinations
The Medina's Best Shopping Destinations
The alleys of Medina come alive with the creativity of local artisans. Keep your eyes peeled for bags, leather poufs, lanterns, and tea trays.


Warda La Mouche

Located at the doorstep of souks, the store offers psychedelic kaftans, silver slippers and embroidered tunics. Try on a hand-embroidered tunic that blends ancient tradition and modern fabrics.

La Galerie des Tanneurs

The shop specialises in garments and leather accessories. Shop for jackets, hand and travel bags as well as trousers and accessories for men and women.

Kif Kif

Visit Kif Kif for decorative items, accessories, linens, textiles, and kitchen accessories that blend modernity with Moroccan craft.

Keep It Secret

Visit a private, by-appointment boutique where women can try on and shop for one-of-a-kind fashion items.

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