Medina’s Finest Restaurants
Medina's Finest Restaurants
What are the best traditional restaurants in the Medina?


Le Tobsil

In the heart of Medina, Tobsil is located inside a beautiful old house with a big patio. The intimate atmosphere is ideal for a candlelight dinner. Eat traditional cuisine and listen to Gnawa music, a mixture of sub-Saharan African, Berber and Arabian religious songs and rhythms.

Palais Souleiman

The former residence of Caid Layadi, one of the last Great Lords of Marrakech, the palace is a fine example of architectural conservation with carved ceilings, painted wood, and ‘zellig’ (ceramic art) tiles.

Dar Yacout

Enjoy stunning views of the Medina and ‘Koutoubia’ gardens while feasting on traditional cuisine from the rooftop terrace.

Le Foundouk

Restored meticulously by owner-designers Frédéric and Thierry, the restaurant serves Moroccan and international cuisine.

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