Embark on a trip to catch big fish.


Night fishing

Fancy catching red snapper, grouper, jack fish, rainbow runners and sea bass? Listen to the sound of waves, enjoy the evening sea breeze and have a leisurely fishing experience as the sun sets beneath the ocean. Our experienced crew is on hand to provide useful tips to help you snare a prized catch for your dinner. 

Big game fishing
The deep water here is teeming with big fish and can provide you with the challenge of snapping up a prized catch. On a specialised boat at designated spots, test your strength and endurance against local big-game fish like marlin to see if you have what it takes to earn a grand photo opportunity.
The Maldives is home to an abundant species of fish that can stir the interest of any fisherman. Bring along your bait, pick a favourite spot, cast your line and enjoy the serenity of the calm ocean. The bounty of the Indian Ocean will surely leave you with a memorable fishing excursion.
Morning fishing
The waters here are blessed as a fertile fishing ground and the small hours can be some of the most thrilling times for catching certain types of fish. Set off for a great fishing adventure filled with lasting memories.
Drop your fishing lines, cruise slowly around the island and wait for the fish to bite while you admire the pristine beaches and clear blue waters. The crew will be on hand to provide guidance and help make this fishing trip a fruitful experience.