Eco school / CSR

Learn all about coral planting and marine conservation here.


Night snorkelling

Within our lagoon, there is a huge variety of coral, fish, manta rays and moray eels. Many of these are nocturnal. Night snorkelling is an excellent way to spot them in their natural active states and to learn more about the ecosystem. You could also see our underwater coral gardens, wedding garden and snorkelling trail in the lagoon!
Coral planting and snorkelling
Coral creates biodiversity and has a positive impact on marine life. Our marine conservation lab encourages coral planting as a way to replenish damaged reefs and your family too can be part of this meaningful movement through our coral planting and snorkelling trial. 
Coral garden tours and snorkelling
If your schedule does not match the coral planting sessions, you can still have a close-up study about coral and their positive impact on the marine ecosystem through our coral garden tours. Watch how fish and crabs thrive within the coral and how replanted coral survive. 
Snorkelling safari
The beautiful and abundant marine wildlife here means snorkelling anywhere close to the island is already a feast for the eyes.  Deepen the experience by embarking on a snorkelling safari where a guide will show you the best places to explore and the significant role each wet animal and plant you come across plays in the marine ecosystem. 
Conservation programme 
The experts at our marine conservation lab dedicate their careers to marine life preservation. Learn from their wealth of experience and discover how they look after the native seabirds, turtles and coral gardens. 
Paper recycling programme
Angsana Velavaru believes in recycling to reduce unnecessary waste that can pollute our environment. An important component of this belief is our paper recycling programme where we collect and treat used paper so each sheet gets a new lease of life. Come and join us to save the trees. 
Marine talk
The marine lab has an intense conservation programme to create awareness and replant coral reefs as well as to protect some endangered species of marine life. The experts at the lab are always eager to share their progress and give lessons to ensure that your next generation can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of Maldives.
Come back to Angsana Velavaru again
Not enough time to try all the activities? There is always next time. We look forward to seeing you again!