What did you discover on the ocean floor today?


Bubble maker

A bubble maker diving lesson is a great way to introduce children of aged 8 or 9 years old to scuba diving in our shallow lagoon. Each child will be provided with child-friendly diving gear for their first underwater experience, under the close supervision of our certified instructors.

Discover scuba / Introduction dive

Learn about a whole new world under the serene waters and explore the rich and diverse marine life around these beautiful atolls. You will be introduced to the equipment needed to scuba dive and how to use them safely. An introduction dive is included to make this a memorable first step.

Discover scuba diving

Explore the wonders of the Maldivian waters through diving. Find out all about scuba diving from experienced divers and learn how to work the equipment you need to breathe underwater. This is a good introduction to get you started.

Scuba diver course

Taught by experienced instructors, these practical lessons will kick-start you on your journey to becoming a scuba diver. You will learn how to operate the scuba equipment and acquire the essential skills for a safe and enjoyable dive.

Open water diver referral/Upgrade to open water diver

For experienced divers, you can continue your journey to the world of open water diving through this upgrade programme. This is a practical course that will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to take it to the next level.

Open water diver course

Completion of this practical course awards you with the Open Water Diver Certificate. It covers five dives and gives you the basic knowledge and skills that are essential for you to dive safely in open waters. This will allow you to fully experience the underwater adventure at the beginner’s level.

Adventure diver course

Get more out of your diving experience through new types of scuba diving adventures. This is a fun way to explore other activities under the water while taking the opportunity to hone your diving skills and gain greater confidence.

Advanced open water diver course

This course will help you to become even more comfortable in the water and is a fantastic opportunity to clock more dives in a structured programme under the supervision of experienced instructors. It will build on what you have learnt during open water diving and introduce new ways to have fun with scuba diving.

Rescue diver course

Learn more about preventing and coping with problems underwater. This course is about rising up to challenges and overcoming them.

Dive master course

Ready to take it to the next level? Working closely with an instructor, this programme expands your knowledge and hones your skills to a professional level. This training allows you to develop your leadership qualities and certifies you to supervise dive activities together with other qualified instructors.

Underwater naturalist specialty course

Enjoying the underwater world? Learn to see even more during your next dive. This course trains you to look out for relationships amongst marine life. You will not just learn what they are, but also how they interact with each other.

Peak performance buoyancy specialty course

Redefine your diving experience by polishing your buoyancy skills and learn how to move effortlessly through the water. By mastering this basic skill, you can interact gently with your underwater surroundings and have minimum impact when you dive.

Nitrox specialty course

This course gives you the knowledge to make use of enriched air to stay in the water longer and minimise decompression dive time. This gives you more time to explore deep-dive sites and enjoy the aquatic life around you. This is a popular speciality course and a handy skill to have.

Two tank dive

Two is better than one. Maximise your time and double the excitement and fun. See more and experience marine diversity with two dives, separated by a short interval. There is no better way to explore the pristine dive sites around Angsana Velavaru.

Morning single dive

Experience the beautiful morning sunlight dancing on the clear blue waters. A morning dive is the perfect way to start a day of adventure and exploration.

Afternoon single dive

With the afternoon sun piercing the clear blue waters, you get to experience a clearly illuminated marine environment. Get closer to the coral and aquatic plants and see how some creatures enjoy the shade.

Private diving

For seasoned divers who wish to dive in private, this provides the best opportunity for you to plan and explore the dive sites exactly the way you like it. 

Private courses

Enjoy private lessons that allow you to learn at your own pace. With our private instructors, you can ensure that you get the most out of each dive. This is perfect for picking up the skills quickly in a personalised environment.

Early morning dive

Be the first to put on your wet suit and feel the cool morning waves. See how the morning light shines through the water and lights up the mysterious world beneath the surface. It is an experience worth waking up early for.

Night diving

Bring waterproof torches and dive into the dark depths of the sea. The underwater nightlife is brimming with activity as nocturnal sea creatures come to life. Watch out for glowing organisms when you turn off the lights.

Sunset diving

As the sun drops into the ocean, the underwater world is streaked by orange rays. Enjoy schools of fishes weaving in and out of coral like a silent orchestra guided by an invisible conductor.

Full day diving (2-3 dives)

Pack your day with diving trips. Enjoy up to three dives in different locations and immerse yourself in a truly amazing underwater world. 

Whale shark trip

South Ari Atoll is one of the few places in the world to see these amazing gentle marine giants. The highlight of your Maldives vacation will undoubtedly be seeing these creatures firsthand in their natural habitat.

Underwater scooter

Experience the thrill of breezing through the water with an underwater scooter. Cover greater distances and see more marine life while expanding less energy.

Underwater digital photography course

This is a wonderful way to capture your underwater adventure and share it with friends and family back home. The course teaches you how to get great underwater shots quickly with your digital point-and-shoot or DSLR camera.