Dining – Specials

We rule to please the most discerning palette.


Romantic beach BBQ dinner

Have a romantic candlelight BBQ dinner for two on the beach, accompanied by the smoky and slightly charred aroma of flamed-grilled seafood and steaks paired with a chilled glass of wine.  
Jaafaiy refers to a traditional Maldivian dinner served at home. Ours is served on the beach so you can literally have a taste of the ocean while you tuck into Maldivian favourites like coconut-marinated seafood and fresh fruits. 
Maagaa castaway dinner
Dinner on Maagaa Island is the epitome of private luxury. We will set up a dinner table featuring a lavish spread of Continental, Asian or local cuisine of your choice that will please the most discerning palette. Service is attentive yet discreet, so nothing gets in the way of your tête-à-tête with that special someone. 
Maagaa picnic lunch
Love the idea of a private island retreat? A picnic lunch is the perfect solution. Our picnic lunch boxes are filled to the brim with light yet luscious finger foods including gourmet sandwiches and teacakes fit for the queen!
Full moon beach BBQ
Moonlight has a spellbinding effect and what better way to seize the moment than to bring out the BBQ and grill a selection of succulent seafood, steaks and much more? Toast the full moon with a selection of wines or an ice-cold beer. 
In-villa champagne breakfast
Wake up to a lovely morning with a breakfast spread set up in the comfort of your villa. Buttered toast, crispy bacon and eggs done any way you want before a glass of bubbly to finish off. 
Maagaa castaway breakfast 
If breakfast in bed or brunch in-villa is too tame for you, be adventurous and begin your morning with breakfast on the castaway island of Maagaa. The breakfast is going hearty and we promise that you will not cast any leftovers away. 
Sunrise picnic breakfast on the beach
Don’t miss the magical moment when the sun takes its first peek over the horizon. Savour the scenery and enhance the ambience with a delicious and nutritious breakfast on a picnic mat laid out on the beach. 
Romantic sundowner on the beach
Wind down the day with your special someone over a heady aperitif that matches the colour of your mood. Sip on a cocktail, relax and enjoy the stunning view of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean 
Night fishing BBQ
Haul your fresh catch from the sea straight to the flame with our night fishing BBQ activity. If you have no luck attracting any seafood, we can provide you with some caught by professional fishermen. It tastes just as good.