Dining – Kuredi

After all the exhilarating activities, unwind and enjoy a refreshing drink from Kuredi bar.


Bodu Beru Night

Bodu Beru is the most popular form of music and dance in the Maldives, enjoyed by the young and the old. Let our musicians wake up the rhythm in your body and shimmy any shyness away. 
Jam session 
Calling all aspiring singers and musicians to jam alongside our staff and add some more jazz to our eclectic selection of musical genres. Serenade your loved ones. Music isn’t called the language of love for nothing. 
Just when we are about to think we have counted all the 101 possibilities, the list gets longer, proving that one trip is not enough to relish all that Angsana Velavaru has to offer. Here’s the overflow list. 
Cocktail class
Learn how to mix and serve different alcohols, syrups and juices into delicious cocktails at home just like a pro with a cocktail shaker. Don’t forget the fancy glasses and pretty garnishing. 
Rainy day programme
For your safety, all outdoor events are only possible when the weather permits. But don’t fret when the rain falls. We have lined up a series of all-weather activities of board games and indoor sports to keep everyone entertained and occupied. 
Stargazing on the beach
Learn more about the celestial secrets overhead when the night falls. The stars, the moon and planets can easily be observed in the night sky with a telescope or binoculars and each one tells a story. 
Bonfire night under the stars. 
Huddle around a campfire and enjoy a hot drink while the storyteller in the group spins a gripping tale until the fire turns to embers. Marshmallows are optional.