Si Said Museum

Visit an old-palace-turned-museum. Admire Hispano-Moorish carvings and woodwork. Learn more about Moroccan art.Observe Moroccan clothing, beaten copper, furniture and other antiques. Look at fantastic exhibits of Berber jewellery.


Bahia Palace

Visit a palace built at the end of the 19th century. Learn more about the man who built it – the sultan’s grand vizier, Si Moussa. Find out why he named it after one of his wives. Walk through the gardens and courtyard and admire the traditional Moroccan craftsmanship.


Medersa Benyoussef

An ancient college, Medersa Beyoussef was started in the 14th century during the Marinid period. Marinid Sultan Abu Al-Hassan founded it. Wander through 130 student dormitory cells constructed around a courtyardand observe the purely inscriptive and geometrical carvings. It is still known as one of North Africa’s largest theological colleges.


Jemaa el-Fna Square

Visit one of Marrakech’s main cultural squares. Learn why Jemaa el-Fna Square has been a city symbol since the 11th century. Be entertained with musical, religious and artistic performances.