Bubble Maker

Introduce your eight or nine-year-old to a shallow lagoon. Watch them learn about diving through a fun bubble-making lesson. Safe child-friendly scuba gear assures you of your children’s safety. The certified instructors are patient and attentive to make your child’s first diving experience awesome.



Go kayaking with your family. Paddle out to sea.


Go Dolphin Cruising

Ride a catamaran or speedboat. Watch dolphins up close and personal.


Join The Conservation Programme

Learn from the Marine Conservation Lab experts. See how the resort cares for local wildlife. Help protect turtles, seabirds and coral communities.


Half-Day Island Excursion

Go snorkelling. Get into a catamaran. Hop onto a local island. Experience Maldivian hospitality. Explore the underwater Maldivian marine life.


Go Banana Riding

Ride the banana boat with your family. Squeal as the boat bumps across the water surface. Splash into the lagoon.


Go Night Fishing

Feel the evening sea breeze. Reel in red snapper, jack fish, garoupa, rainbow runnes and sea bass. Let your chef cook your fresh catch. Eat it sizzling hot and perfectly flaky.


Ride Kahan’bu

Charter Banyan Tree’s Kahan’bu. Sail across smooth waters in your very own sailboat. Have fun swinging in the hammock net strung between the sailboat’s front pontoons. Take a nap in the sailboat’s salons. Stop at awesome snorkelling sites. The boat’s shallow draft lets it moor right above the most fantastic reefs. Dive right down below. Enjoy fabulous snorkelling trails. Skip over to uninhabited islands. Enjoy the great onboard service.