Sandbank Dining

Escape to a private sandbank with your loved one. Pick from a picnic lunch. Choose from continental, Asian or local food. Enjoy being served by your personal butler.


Romantic Beach BBQ dinner

Sit on the beach. Hold hands over candlelight Enjoy succulent and fresh seafood. Sip from glasses of chilled wine.


Bodu Beru Night

Feel rhythm run through your veins. Watch and listen to the dance and music of Bodu Beru. Enjoy the local culture.


Couple’s Romance Spa Package

Relax in an award-winning setting. Enjoy invigoration spa treatments.. Awaken your senses after a relaxing couple spa session.


Go Scuba Diving

Dive into the Rannamaari shipwreck less than 100 metres from the beach. Snorkel through the house reef. Learn about marine diversity. Couples of any experience level can all enjoy a suitably challenging dive experience.



Snorkel atone of Maldives’ greatest house reef. Explore the reef with ease. Discover vivid marine life and corals. . Swim in the lagoon at night. Spot nocturnal manta rays and moray eels. Visit the underwater coral gardens and wedding garden. Follow the lagoon snorkelling trail. Go on a snorkelling safari. Look for amazing marine wildlife.


Plant Corals

Learn about how coral benefits marine life. Join the resort’s Marine Conservation Lab. Plant corals with your loved one.


Enjoy Watersports

Go hobie-cat sailing. Try windsurfing. Have fun reef fishing. Enthusiasts can do sports fishing. Families can attempt fun tubing. Ride the waves on a wakeboard.


Local Male Tour

Explore Male. Learn about the Maldivian capital. Find out more about the pristine islands in the atolls. Sail to an uninhabited island with your loved one. Run free on the sandy beaches.


Sunset Cruise

Skate across the lagoon in a Maldivian Dhoni. Sip champagne while looking at the sunset.