Kids Club

Take snapshots of your children with the Angsana JuJu. The JuJu visits twice a day. Celebrate your child’s birthday in the resort. Create special birthday memories that will last a lifetime.


Go Swimming

Splash for hours in the pool. Enjoy refreshing fruit juices by the pool. Enjoy family fun under the sun



Pick up the microphone. Select popular international songs. Belt out melodies to your heart’s content.


Enjoy The Tang Dynasty Show

Watch the Tang Dynasty Show. Dine on great Chinese food at the same time.


Go Cycling

Hop onto bikes. Admire lush greenery. Soak up an afternoon of fun.


Dress up and take a Family Photoshoot

Learn more about different cultures and traditions Dress up in clothes from the Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty. Snap memorable photographs


Join in a Cooking Class

Whip up gourmet cuisine from scratch. Learn about traditional Chinese cuisine. Enjoy a hearty meal with the family.


Visit Jia Pingwa Cultural museum of art

Walk to the local cultural museum next to our hotel.

Enjoy your family holiday in a pottery class, culture and art exhibition and reading books.


Family lawn picnic

Taste the fresh air after trimming. Enjoy a lawn picnic with your family under the blue sky.


Family Mountain Climbing

Breathe in the fresh mountain air. Admire the unique flora and fauna. .Enjoy quality time with your family.