Welcome to Angsana Tengchong ⋅ Hot Spring Village

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Angsana Tengchong • Hot Spring Village, an intimate boutique hotel located a 30-minute scenic car ride from Tengchong Airport and a mere 15 minutes away from renowned natural attractions such as Beihai marshlands.

Nestled in Tengchong, Yunnan in Southwest China and home to one of China’s most famous volcanic mountainous region, Angsana Tengchong hotel is the first hot spring destination retreat in China and is an ideal getaway for couples and holiday makers.

Surrounded by lush greenary of forests, farmlands and geo-thermal pools, Angsana Tengchong • Hot Spring Village offers 43 Hot Spring outdoor pools, and 37 beautifully designed accommodation.

Experience the ultimate tranquil holiday retreat at Angsana Tengchong • Hot Spring Village. Explore the scenic Beihai marshlands, sample authentic mouth watering Yunnan and Cantonese delights, and unwind the evening at our award-winning Angsana Tengchong Hot Springs Spa.

My team and I look forward to welcoming you as our guests at Angsana Tengchong Hot Spring Village and we wish you a pleasant stay.


The team at Angsana Tengchong Hot Spring Village


Tashi Yangzom is the Hotel Manager – Yunnan in Southwest China, responsible for overall operations and profitability for the Angsana Tengchong Hot Spring Village. Tashi has joined the Banyan Tree Group in Aug 2005as part of the pre-opening team of this first Banyan Tree resort in China. She also worked as Recreation Manager and also Human Resource in Banyan Tree Ringha. During the 7 years she had undergone through various training under the group hotels.

Prior to joining Banyan Tree Group, Tashi was the Tour operation Manager with Gyalthang Travel Agent which is American Joined venture Hotel and Travel Agent in Shangrila, Yunnan where the Agent is one of the largest International tour operator during the time and the first agent who opened foreign guest in uninvaded region of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture which is now known as Hidden Valley “Shangrila”. She served in this travel agent since 1999 to 2005 organizing the tour arrangements and new programs for the remote area of China. During the 

After graduating from the Mysore University in Bachelor of Commerce, India in 1992, Tashi continued for 2 years Volunteer worker in CCF and some village projects in India. She worked with Travel Agent for few years in Nepal and then travel to China where her father hometown is based in Yunnan. She also went through the Ecotourism study certification under Columbia University, NY in 2011.

Tashi is Tibetan born in India and married with one child. She is fair good in English, Hindi, Tibetan and Chinese. She likes travelling, meeting people and enjoying detective movies.