Following the footsteps of Banyan Tree Spa, all Angsana Spa therapists are uniquely trained and undergo at least 350 hours of training based on stringent curriculum at the accredited Banyan Tree Spa Academies in Phuket, Banyan Tree Spa Academies in Phuket, Thailand, and Bintan, Indonesia. Banyan Tree Spa Academy Phuket was set up in 2001 and is accredited by Thailand’s Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Health. By providing trainee therapists an excellent foundation and a varied range of training courses, Banyan Tree Spa Academy ensures that each individual is ready to deliver the highest standard of services at Angsana Spa. Each course only enrolls up to 40 students to positively facilitate each trainee’s personal development.

A second Spa Academy was established on Bintan Island, Indonesia in December 2003. Similar to the first Spa Academy in Phuket, the institution trains dedicated Indonesian spa therapists to meet the high service standards and global expansions of Banyan Tree Spa.

In the same year, Banyan Tree Spa extended its reach into China to train dedicated Chinese spa therapists, well versed to deliver the high service standards of the Banyan Tree Spa experience in China. In sustaining its pursuit to maintain spa excellence, master trainers are engaged at spa outlets worldwide to continuously upgrade the skills of therapists, helping them to gain new knowledge and techniques even after graduation.

Great emphasis is placed on the spa's philosophy, service concept and delivering the Banyan Tree Spa experience with finesse and sensitivity to ensure consistently high standards of service.

Therapists are trained to become intimate in every arena of spa therapy. This includes knowledge of the human anatomy, vital pressure points, modern and traditional massage techniques, techniques for varying body weights and types, understanding of the skin epidermis and facial application knowledge. Therapists also understand the properties of individual herbs and spices and how to prepare spa ingredients. They are trained to put each spa client at ease with Angsana’s signature welcome greeting and to set up the treatment rooms and spa pavilions.

Potential therapists are first put through a rigorous recruitment process before being picked for academy training. They are examined on intuitive touch and skill, service attitude, enthusiasm, sensitivity and willingness to learn. Therapists are locally recruited from Thai, Indonesian and Chinese provinces.