Hot Springs

Enjoy a sensory experience in a 16,000 square metre hot spring retreat. Rest in your room’s private hot spring. Invigorate and refresh in these naturally healing waters. Awaken your senses.


In-Villa Dining

Choose a romantic In-Villa Dining experience under the stars. Share a quiet meal in the comfort of your garden under the stars. Let your very own chef prepare everything for you.


Visit Volcanoes

Travel to a geological park. Float up to the sky in a hot-air balloon. Admire picturesque views of volcanoes Capture picture-perfect moments of the scenery.


Black Fish River

Visit the Black Fish River, a giant underground spring. Admire its crystal clear waters. Taste the local barbequed Black Fish delicacy.


Visit a Geothermal Park

Take a hike around a geothermal park. Feel the heat of hot springs and sulphuric air. Enjoy being an adventurer. Experience the heat of 90 degree Celsius steam gushing from underfoot.


Cruise along the Tengchong Wetlands

Take a boat cruise around Tengchong’s wetlands. Discover unique wildlife. Admire the unique geological formation of Volcano Lake.


Visit Heshun Old Town

Step back in time in Heshun Old Town. Admire the charming 600-year-old Village. Walk into a museum. Visit heritage buildings and temples untouched by modernity.


Visit Yun Feng Mountain

Climb the majestic rock Yun Feng Mountain. Admire the panoramic views of the vast landscape. Ascend Yunfeng Mountain. Stop by the famous Taoist temple. Visit the fabled temple well that supplies fresh water for the monks and visitors.


Enjoy A Refreshing Couple’s Spa Treatment

Recharge with Angsana’s award-winning spa experience. Enjoy soaking in the Hot Spring Centre. Awaken your senses in time-tested spa treatements.


Shop for Jade

Visit the famous Jade trading area. Enjoy local craftsmen processing jade. . Purchase a piece of luminous jade, jade jewellery or artpieces.