Xixi Plum Blossom Festival

Join in Hangzhou’s grand annual spring event at Xixi National Wetland Park. Walk through specially planned routes near our hotel in Hangzhou, China, to fully enjoy the beauty of plum blossoms.


Dragon Boat Festival

Cheer on as dragon boats race. Join thousands of people at Jiang Village. Listen to drums beating and gongs striking. Add your voice to the battle cries. The Dragon Boat race is said to have begun during the Tang Dynasty. Emperor Qianlong wached a race and called it the Spectacular Event of Dragon Boat Race. The local folk say that the races are good for health and celebrating harvest. It is believed watching dragon boat racing will bring blessing and good fortune.


Xixi Fire Persimmon Festival

Xixi Wetland National Park handed out 50,000 kilogrammes of persimmons during the 2013 festival. Celebrated for their nutrients and high medical value, persimmons are believed to remove heat, build Yinand prevent diseases such as pyretic thirst, cough and aphthous stomatitis.