A Family Splash Day

Spend the afternoon by the pool. Relax on the sun lounger. Dip in the children’s pool. Visit Kids’ Club
Entertain the little ones at the Kids Club. Watch the kids interact with other children. Admire the handicrafts they bring back. Take snapshots of them grinning proudly.


Cycling Through Adventure Park

Saddle up and ride away on a bicycle. Pedal through Adventure Park.


Catch A Movie

Watch a movie. Laugh with your kids. Spend family time together.


Activity Centre

Play billiards. Compete at video games. Sing karaoke. Catch a movie. Everything fun happens at the Activity Centre.


Cook With The Kids

Join a cooking class. Don an apron. Prepare a meal from scratch. Enjoy the delicious fruits of your labour.


Visit Lu Chong

Touch century-old banyans. Enjoy a lakeside view. Go boating. Take snapshots of pure nature.


Visit Mingxing Fishing Hole

Watch the locals fish expertly. Be fascinated at their unique techniques.


Visit The Stone Forest

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk around Shilin, also known as Stone Forest. Admire natural limestone formations. Stand amazed at the tree-like stone formations.


Visit Jiuxiang Scenic Region

Travel 90 kilometres to Yiliang County. Find a land of caves and mountains. Walk along rivers and in deep valleys. Learn more about minority cultures and customs. Enjoy the Jiuxiang Scenic Region.