Cycling Through Adventure Park

Saddle up and ride away on a bicycle. Pedal through Adventure Park.


Activity Centre

Play billiards. Compete at video games. Sing karaoke. Catch a movie. Everything fun happens at the Activity Centre.


Cook With The Kids

Join a cooking class. Don an apron. Prepare a meal from scratch. Enjoy the delicious fruits of your labour.


Visit Lu Chong

Touch century-old banyans. Enjoy a lakeside view. Go boating. Take snapshots of pure nature.


Visit Mingxing Fishing Hole

Watch the locals fish expertly. Be fascinated at their unique techniques.


Visit The Stone Forest

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk around Shilin, also known as Stone Forest. Admire natural limestone formations. Stand amazed at the tree-like stone formations.


Visit Jiuxiang Scenic Region

Travel 90 kilometres to Yiliang County. Find a land of caves and mountains. Walk along rivers and in deep valleys. Learn more about minority cultures and customs. Enjoy the Jiuxiang Scenic Region.