Visit Xinyun Indoor Pool

Enjoy an endless array of things to do in Chengjiang with your significant other. Jump into Yunnan Province’s most beautiful indoor pool. Refresh your romance in Chinese waters.


Pedal On A Bicycle

Go cycling in an adventure park. Travel through excitement.


Try Lagoon Boating

Sail away on a lagoon. Row your boat across glassy waters.


Ascend Maotian Mountain

Get in touch with your adventurous side. Visit the enchanting Temple of Azure Clouds. Take snapshots of the enchanting mountainscape


Destination Dining

Enjoy the resort’s destination Dining. Feast on a sizzling private barbeque under the stars. . Watch the sun set over the lake. Enjoy a chilled glass of champagne with your loved one.


Escape To Angsana Spa

Enter an award-winning spa. Enjoy special therapies made just for you. Feel your whole body soften into relaxation. Shut your eyes in pleasure.


Capture Memories With Karst Caves

Visit the famous karst formations at Jiuxiang. Trek through the National Park. Touch base with your free-spirited side. Spend a day with nature.