Similan Islands

Similan Islands are located just 84 km northwest of Phuket. Koh Similan is one of the best-known island groups in the Andaman Sea, largely because of the wonders that wait beneath the clear blue waters. This is generally considered one of the top 10 most interesting dive areas in the world.


Phang Nga Bay

One of the must-see locations whilst in Phuket situated in the marine national park. It is a spectacular landscape of approximately 40 islands that jut straight out from the calm jade waters. A truly spectacular landscape to see with hidden caves, lagoons and vast mangroves. 


Coral Islands

The beautiful island famous for its white powdery beach and unspoiled coral reefs is also named Coral Island. Koh He is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving as well as choices of water sports all year round thanks to its location with the least effect from monsoon. if you go out far enough from Long Beach you will also have a lot to discover. 


Phuket Old Town

Before flip-flops and selfie sticks, Phuket was an island of rubber trees, mines and hungry merchants. Attracting traders from the Arabian Peninsula, China, India and Portugal, Phuket Town was a colourful blend of cultural influences. Today the city is evidence of the island’s historical soul. With streets clogged with Sino-Portuguese architecture housing arty coffee shops, eccentric galleries, bright textiles stores, inexpensive restaurants and quirky boutique-chic guesthouses.


Big Buddha

Big Buddha’s full name – Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri Buddha. Visit the statue at Nakkerd Hills situated between Chalong and Kata. At 45 metres, the white Burmese marble-layered statue is one of main attractions while in Phuket. 


Chalong Temple

Wat Chalong or Chalong Temple, built at the beginning of 19th century, is the largest of Phuket's temples, and also one of the most visited. Its real name Wat Chaiyathararam is local to many Thai tourists who come to pray and pay respects to several revered monks, the founders of Wat Chalong. 


Phuket Thai Hua Museum

Thai Hua Museum on Krabi Road is one of the best looking and well-maintained Sino-Portuguese buildings in Phuket. Phuket has a long history as a trading hub controlled by the local Peranakan Chinese community.The best way to explore this rich history is at the Phuket Thaihua Museum.