Boun Pi Mai (April 14-16)

Hail the new year with the Laotians. Pi Mai Lao is also a purification festival similar to Thailand’s Songkran. Join in the water throwing celebrations. Watch locals visit their temples to cleanse the Buddhas with sacred water. Usher in new year in local tradition.


Boun Souang Heau (August/September)

Join in the Boat Racing Festival. Pray for a good harvest along with the locals. See villages compete to attract the Naga – mythical water snake deities – to the river from the rice fields. Roar along with numerous spectators as the teams race to win.


Luang Prabang Half Marathon (October)

Luang Prabang’s very first race took place in 2013. Runners from everywhere flew to Laos and ran seven, 14 or 21 kilometres. Angsana Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel was an event sponsor to help raise funds for charity.


Boun Lai Heua Fai (October/November)

The town comes together to build and decorate boats in brilliant colours. Watch as the boats are lit and paraded through Luang Prabang’s streets for the festival evening. See the locals release the boats into the Mekong River. Admire glowing temples and floating lanterns rising in the night sky.


Hmong New Year (December/January)

Laos has various ethnic groups. The Hmong people makes up the third largest group. Hmongs celebrate their new year for up to 10 days. Decked in vivid traditional costume, see them dance, feast and play games. Join in if you can. Admire a ball-tossing courtship ritual the people have.