Kids Club

Help your children get creative. Introduce them to new playmates in the Kids Club. Entertain the little ones with fun-filled activities.


Join a Ranger Trail

Go on an adventurous Ranger Trail. Follow the resort’s expert team. Trek across the island. Explore the island’s unique flora and fauna.



Explore the island’s numerous coral reefs. Go snorkelling in the shallow waters. Older children will enjoy the snorkelling tour. Ride the waves on a jetski.


ATV Jungle Safari

Hop on an All Terrain Vehicle. Race through the jungle. Visit the local village. Explore the native environment.


Traditional Fishing

Hop on an Indonesian fishing boat. Reel in an exciting array of local fishermen’s catch of sea bass, garoupa and snappers. Get the chef to whip up a delicious feast for the family.


Fireflies Tour

Join a fire flies tour. Trek into the jungle when sun sets. Enjoy an amazing display of fireflies lighting up the night sky.


Mangrove Discovery Tour

Cruise along the Sebung River. Explore Bintan’s mangrove forests. Spot the island’s amazing wildlife. Learn more about the island’s unique ecosytem.


Play Volleyball

Enjoy an afternoon of fun on the beach. Play a game of beach volleyball. Run barefoot on warm sand.


Forest Survival Games

Learn to survive in the jungle. Enact a situation in which your family gets lost in the wild. Decide how to survive. Get bonded as a team. Make this group effort count. Our expert guides are nearby to lend you support.