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Known as ‘Hawaii of the Highlands’, Chengjiang Fuxian Lake is the largest highland freshwater lake in China. Located in close proximity to Yuxi and 60 kilometres from Kunming, the Fuxian Lake stretches across Chengjiang, Jiangchuan and Huaning counties. Nestled within an impeccable locale, Angsana Fuxian Lake offers picturesque views of the lake and awe-inspiring mountain ranges.

Discover a unique mix of Chengjiang’s culture, traditional customs and wellness secrets at our Spa.

Fuxian Lake Spa Hotel

Located by the tranquil Fuxian Lake in Chengjiang county, Angsana Spa is located within Angsana Fuxian Lake resort, the only fully-integrated water-themed development in Yunnan province.

Angsana Spa delivers a refreshing blend of treatments in splendid spa pavilions and treatment rooms accompanied by the lush natural surrounds. In complete privacy and tranquility, the spa is just a one-hour car drive from Kunming, along picturesque views of Fuxian Lake and the mountains.

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Fuxian Lake

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